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AutoFlexAFV offers a wide range of commercial vehicle leasing solutions that focuses on strategically meeting the needs of our customers. Flexibility and customization are our specialty. While we have over 25 years experience with traditional automobiles, nontactical vehicles, Executive vehicle, light trucks and vans, we are advocates for the use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). Let us find the right solution for you today.

AutoFlexAFV Services Include:

Strategic Fleet Management Services

Exclusive Vehicle Pricing

Flexible Leasing Terms

Open/Closed End Leasing

Custom-Up Fitting

Maintenance Plans/Extended Service Plans Roadside Assistance

Vehicle Graphics

Fuel Management

Fleet Insurance

Telematics and GPS Solutions

License and Title Services

Extensive offering of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV's), Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (CNG's), and Hydrogen Feul Celled Vehicles (HFC's)

Leasing of 100% Electric Vehicles

AutoFlexAFV has recently expanded its portfolio of Electric Vehicles. Take advantage of some of these incentives:

• Low upfront costs
• Tax incentives built into reducing the monthly payment
• Unknown depreciation shouldered by the vehicle provider
• New technology is available every 5 years
• Battery replacement

Send us an email today learn more about our lease rates on some of our new EV offerings.

Types of AFV Leasing Services

Leasing Services 


AutoFlex offers a wide variety of strategic fleet management solutions to help you support your fleet. This package includes maintenance plans, roadside assistance, fleet insurance, vehicle tracking, and efficiency data collection. Let us prepare a customized fleet program that fits your needs.

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AutoFlex offers the "best value" in closed-end leasing on GSA Schedule 751 (or on the open market). Our leasing services are available on, the preferred online purchase site for federal procurement officers. We provide a fixed monthly cost that fits your budget and valuable purchase options when the lease term is completed.

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AutoFlex is committed to handling all of your AFV leasing needs, from AFV charging stations and other equipment to medium and heavy-duty AFV trucks. We can offer the lowest product and service rates in the AFV equipment leasing industry because of our experience and public sector financial resources.

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AutoFlex offers an in-depth capability to provide special order vehicles and customized upfitting that fit both public and private sector fleet requirements and circumstances. Our established relationship with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and factory-authorized up fitters allows AutoFlex to provide value added quality controls to our customers.

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We have many years of experience with delivering AFV fleets at well below fair market value and commercial catalog prices. At first glance, we may not always be the lowest cost provider of AFV fleets, but for the added value relative to our volume, expertise and customer service, our packages are difficult to beat.

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Lease-purchase financing is a method of acquisition that has become a proven and cost-effective option within the motor vehicle markets. This flexible commercial financing alternative will accommodate the non-appropriation language, which permits the Government to terminate for convenience each fiscal year. The significant advantages are that your agency will reduce its initial costs and still own the AFV free and clear upon completion of all agreed payments.

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AutoFlex is positioned to offer a wide range of AFV fleet commodities and services to clients within the government procurement process. Our qualifications are extensive and reflect the depth of our expertise. It is our unique strategic alliances with experienced fleet industry professionals that enables us to deliver exceptional services and products for our clients. We have a proven track record in delivering value-added products and services related to cost-effective support of fleet management operations.

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AutoFlex has been a leader in broadening veteran owned, women-owned, and minority-owned small business participation within the public and private sector fleet procurement process. AutoFlex was the first and only minority-owned small business fleet contractor to offer commercial vehicle leasing on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule. AutoFlex has long supported and promoted the philosophy that, given the opportunity,high quality minority-owned businesses can provide a cost-efficient service to fleets in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Autoflex is also a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that actively supports green job growth and vocational training for the veteran community through the VetCars™ program.


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